Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flannel Friday ...before/after flannelization!
I recall Oprah Winfrey saying that the before/after shows were always her most popular.  No doubt you recall - she had stylists come in and a lucky audience member or two or three would have a make-over with the proper fitting clothes, new hair color, a cheeky new hair cut, trendy accessories, etc.  I would love a make-over this entire closet needs a make-over as well.  I fear that I am slowly growing into a fashion "don't" <sigh>  With all this in mind and preparing for "The Flannel This, Puppet That!" presentation at the upcoming Connecticut Library Association Conference on May 7 & 8 with my colleague, Kari Ann, I took a look at some of my older flannel board stories and decided to try a Do-over!  A Make-Over!

As Oprah would say...let's take a look again at the BEFORE photos:
(But we need a little set-up)
Here is the 25 yr old Little White Duck and her friends at the Lily Pad.  
They used to be "regulars" in story time...but now they are in the back of the bin, hardly ever making an appearance.  Lacking confidence?  I don't know - maybe after doing this song for 15 years or so, I just changed things up.  I think they look pretty cute!

I drew these on paper, colored them with pencils and markers, and laminated them
...a long time ago!

And now, are you ready?  The big reveal!
Let's hear it for the flannelized version

I must say, flannel does make a difference!  The pieces are brighter and more importantly, they have depth and texture...they are warmer.  I am thinking they are even more fun!  

Please let me know what you think!  
thanks ~ piper & jane

P.S. (Piper Script) No flannel board pieces were injured in this make-over!


  1. Love the new flannelized look but you have to admit that your originals look pretty darn good for being 25 years old! :o)

    Thank you for linking to the Burl Ives version of the song. It will always be my favorite!

  2. You've inspired me to do some makeovers of my own. The flannel looks so vibrant next to the cut-outs.


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