Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The BuNny HoP!
The bunnies, the chicks, the kiddos and the fun! The Faxon Branch Library hosted the Bunny Hop last week, during school vacation, and oh my, what fun!  
B is for Bunny!   b is for baby!
Kendra brought two beautiful bunnies from Westmoor Park and everyone had a chance to pet the bunnies.  We learned so much about them. They hopped around our story time room.  And all the while, little chicks were waiting for us.
We listened to the book Hurry Hurry by Eve Bunting while we carefully and gently...without shaking or peaking held little eggs in our little hands.  When the story was over...our eggs were ready to hatch.  Quietly, ever-so-quietly we opened our eggs to find little colorful chicks!  OMGoodness - it was too cute!

Our little birdies where on the flannel board heralding the arrival of the chicks and keeping a watchful eye.
We had a bunny wedding! (indeed) 
Bunny babies, three!
We made bunny ears!
We did the bunny hop..... hop, hop!!  
And no one spilled anything on our new Story Time Rug!

B is for Bunny, b is for bear!
bye- bye Bunnies!
Thanks for reading.


  1. Where did you get the chicks from? They look like peeps!
    So cute!

    Looks like a ton of fun was had by all. I love that chicken puppet!

  2. Madigan, thanks! I made the peeps. I love the peeps. If you check back to my "Where's my chick" blog post on 4/6 - I discovered the chicks on Pinterest and clicked thru to find the pattern...bottom of my post credits
    You need to visit myrtle and eunice...they added legs to the chicks, totally hysterical! ~ jane


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