Friday, April 13, 2012

Where oh where are the promised Lift-the-Flap books?!

As promised...Piper and I have our posting, just a tad late!  These books are fun for all ages and make excellent gifts. This is one of Piper's fav's!  Night Night Baby by Kate Merritt.  Piper is ready with her blanket, her Mimi doll and her pacifier.  Now we will read it about 8 times, or maybe 12 times and then...she will be ready for bed!  Night Night Baby Piper xo!

You may want to know that these books beg for repetition.   "Again, again", they cry out!  And so will your children. may want to have a plan.  When my daughter was little we had a last book.  Each night we read 3-5 books and the last book was always Pat the Bunny.  She loved this book and it signaled the end of our snuggly reading time.  

We adore all things Maisy and encourage you to join Maisy's Fun Club!  This series goes everywhere, covers all holidays, you can even learn French with Maisy.  C'est magnifique!

Here are two favorites from Story Time.  We have multiple copies and each child and adult partner set gets their own copy to read together.  So much fun!


We never tire of our all time favorite ~ Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. The flaps are on the smaller side in this book and open from top, bottom and side to side.  This is not for Lift-the-Flap beginners!!!

More fun flaps at the Library including the ever popular Where's Spot by Eric Hill. 

 Multiple copy flap books from our Story Time collection include Cheryl Christian's Where's the Puppy and Where's the Kitten.  Along with Moira Kemp's Lift-the-Flap CHICK and Lift-the-Flap MOUSE.  For Beatrix Potter fans, don't forget Munch, Munch, Peter Rabbit.

If you have a Rocket Man little boy in your house the NUMBERS cover will be appealing, just note that the book is really about counting.  The "bright baby" Trucks book is a big success with the truck lovers, four trucks on every page, with their labels and one of them has a flap to lift. 

The American Library Association has a suggested book list for babies. You may link to it right here, Born to Read!  It is a great place to start for new moms and dads or new grandparents when planning to purchase or borrow from the library.  I do suggest using the cleaning wipes on board books in your home - they go into most babies mouths at some time no matter how careful we are.  We wipe them down here in the library too.  

P.S. (piper script) sometimes we don't even read the books, it is just fun to lift the flaps and find apples, babies, trucks, mice and more!