Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Library as Incubator - Day #3

Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd 
                        meets Piet Mondrian

The Library as Incubator group met today - it's was our third time together and oh, it was great! It's a wonderful and amazing moment when one or some of the kids in the group know the artist you are about to introduce.  One small sample to show the group and zing...  they are already telling me the artist's name.   I want to hug the parent or teacher who has already introduced Mondrian to a second grader.  Thank you!  

Today's book was  Dog's Colorful Day written by Emma Dodd.  (Piper and I have done this in flannel)  The book is adorable and predictable which is exactly why it is so popular.  Emma Dodd is both author and illustrator and as you will see - an excellent source of inspiration!

After reading the book, we talked and thought about all those colors with a dog and his story.  How could we tell it in a different way, maybe a less traditional way, possibly an original way for dog?  This process is always fun.  Those familiar with Modrian jumped right in and were ready to push the boundaries some.  For others..the idea of making a paper collage was "cool" all by itself!  

But first we needed to determine if Dog was going to be in the picture!  The answer: Absolutely!
Check out Dog's new look!  We talked about Keith Haring's art...and discovered a style that worked in a very colorful way.  

We put our dogs aside, to take a rest ... and then everyone set about creating their Mondrian-like background.  There was some guidance today, place colors on the black background and look at them...move them around before you glue them.  

See if they feel right, look right, think balance, spacing and think about your dog...where will you place him?  

And here we are:

Oh, I almost forgot - they each mounted their picture on red

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