Friday, July 12, 2013

How To : Every Child Ready to Read with "No, David!"

Talking, Singing
       Reading, Writing, Playing

Every Child Ready to Read advises me to include all of the above in Story Time.  I agree, completely!   Here's my most recent attempt to talk, sing, read, write and play my way through Story Time.  This time with David Shannon's famous, possibly infamous, certainly biographical, truly endearing character, David, from his children's book No, David .  We love this kid.  We all know this kid.   Reading this book in story time always brings out confessions!  Kids are loud and proud, parents blush.  It's great!  Emotional responses from all ages.  How perfect!

After bringing David to life in 4 programs this week - I'm pretty cool with David.  We're best buds.  I totally get him!  Of course I totally get his mom too.  Hey, there are consequences for your actions David.  She's not saying "NO" for the heck of it.  She has her reasons.  We explored these in an earlier post  Oh! David it's Flannel Friday.  

Here's the book::

Now, let's talk:  What is happening on this cover?  Tell me, what David's doing?  uh, huh...right...and then....yes, I think you got it.  So what does his mother say?  You are 100% , up high here, kiddo! That's probably how he got the title, don't you think?  And check out the author's name.  David! you think he could be .....yes, again.!  You are smart!  I bet this is about when he was little.  That's pretty cool. What would be the title of a book about when you were really little?  Do you like to write?  Do you like to draw?  David Shannon does both!  This is the background information.  It is a grand key to comprehension.

Let's sing:  you can do this one...(I can do this one)  Take a look inside the cover at David's mom's body.  Her head is not in the illustration.  Does that body look happy?  Sad?  Upset?  Bingo!  Upset!  So, stand up, get your hands on your hips...maybe you can find your pointer finger and let's sing out the word "no" to the tune of the alphabet song:  "NO, no No no no no NO....." Show some attitude!

Let's read: now that you've practiced your "NO" - I think you're ready for the book.  I will need your help with this story.  I'll turn the pages and we'll all check out the illustration and then, please tell me what's happening.  After we figure it all out...we'll do the reading part together.  I'll point to the words and help.  But let's see what the illustrations tells us first.  

Let's write:  you guys were great with the book.  Now let's move to the craft table...we need to make ourselves a David to take home.  Should we make a Naughty David?  A Good David?  How do we do that.? I'll bring the book to the table so we can see what the author/illustrator did.  Remember the page where his mom called him Davy?  I love David's face in that picture.  Moms and Dads can make a David too.  Or you can make David's mom or dad. 

This is what I provided at the craft table with crayons, markers
scissors, paint stirrers, and painter's tape

Check it out, my David has dirt on his face! 
Everyone wrote their name on their paint-stirrer-stick

And then we had pipe cleaners for writing NO

Tracing and creating N and O  NO

Let's play:  We're playing with our puppets!  Without using words - will you show me how your puppet says yes?  and how does your puppet say no?  David are you allowed to run down the street naked?  David are you allowed to shove all your food in your mouth?  (I think you get the picture)  Let the kids come up with some questions too.
Let's play some more:  on the flannel board...with a flannel David (directions to follow) we can show David's feelings, his emotions.  I gave each child a flannel bandaid to bring up to the flannel board to describe something that happened to David and why he needed a bandaid.  And with this new fancy-movable-facial-features...the kids can also show me how David feels.

Here's my process for making David:  Trace a circle on paper and draw in David's face,cut it out

Tape it to black felt, stiffened felt is best, and cut out the background following the outline.  It should look like this when you are done.

Now tape the same pattern to the skin color felt and cut inside the outline.  Cut off the ears and hair in this skin color felt.

Cut the ears, cut away the outline..just like you did with David's head.

Place things where they belong

I cut out the features and use them as the pattern.  So I placed the original back over David  - this photos is now called Silence of the David!

David had his skin brightened with these markers.  

I glued David's face to the black backing.  I glued the ears too. I glued his teeth into his mouth.    
His eyes, brows, nose and mouth are all movable

Real men have emotions!  

That's it folks. My interactive flannel David!  Now, you can make him too.

We also sang the Ants go Marching in this program because of course David would like a song where ants go marching into the ground!  And we read Press Here by Herve Tullet.  Each child had his own copy to press.  I'm certain David likes Press Here.

 Look!  Here's David!!  Yikes :)      
Click here to learn about him and all of his fabulous books. Go on, click!

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  1. Fun! I've always been scared of David's teeth. :) I have to admit this is one of the books I am hesitant about reading b/c I feel like I sound so negative saying "no" throughout storytime. Believe me, I say "no" enough during the day, I don't need to add more! ;) I may need you to coach me through this book sometime! xo

  2. Hello Cate,
    I would love to coach you through "No David". I assure you it will become a favorite for your kids. ~ jane


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