Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flannel Friday Guessing Game!

Simply fun!  
Better yet, just keep reading!

Today was the second program of Every Child a Reader in my branch library and all I have to say is Fun! Fun! Fun!  See Jane have fun!  

Sometimes I think I am "just so" smart...ah...CLEVER...and today was one of those days.  Here, I'll explain and you can determine for yourself!  Clever?  Magical?  Smartypants?  Lost her marbles...I'll let you decide!

When I arrived at the library this morning I planned to create a coloring/cutting craft to complement "Little Cat, Little Cat, are you in this Party Hat?"

I started drawing and suddenly thought...hmm this is too much work on a hot day will be a big process for the little ones.  Is there a better way to do this?  YES!  Place my flannel pieces on the glass of the color copier and make a copy for each child.  Perfect!  Then they can do the cutting - a fine motor skill we all need to practice again and again!  (FYI: They attend this program with a parent who gets to help them with the cutting.)'s what their paper looked like.  Kudos to a great copier. And bravo to the black backing I use on my flannel pieces.  It gives them "depth" and "dimension" and "pop" (okay, I'll stop!), when you photo copy them.  Yes! this is a photo copy!

Isn't this soooo CLEVER?  We sat at the tables and first - we decorated brown paper bags - we needed something to bring our "parts" home safely.  And then we cut out these paper parts that look just like my flannel board pieces!   Magical!!

The guessing game was going on all over the tables!  The smiles were all around the room.  There was conversation on making Daddy guess later.  They were thrilled, overjoyed, excited, happy that they were taking the pieces home!  This was so successful.  And so easy.  

Just in case the Little Cat/Party Hat guessing game is new to's the same as Little Mouse, Little Mouse.  Click here to see our version.   Hide the mouse behind a house or hide a cat behind a hat and recite a little verse.  We could play this all day long.  I'm serious!  Mostly because of the Pirate House! (in the mouse version below)

Today's program included the book Dog's Colorful Day and everyone got to place splots and spots on Dog.  We sang "Do you know the ice cream man" while we rang our bells and I pretended to be a rockstar we rocked it with Greg and Steve's ABC Rock.  Oh yeah.  It was a great day in story time.   Maybe, possibly, could be ... that I've lost my marbles!  But I'm good with that today!

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  1. Jane, I just love your posts! You are one of the funnest people I (virtually) know!

    1. Why thank you Miss Tara! Life is good :) and we can always add glitter!


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