Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Library as Incubator goes WILD!

Maurice Sendak and Where the Wild Things are Inspire our Library as Incubator Group

Let's be honest here folks - how you possibly not be inspired by this illustration?

Everyone knew this book.  Everyone had tons to say about the story and Max.  Was it a dream?You'll have to read it yourself to determine.  All we wanted to do was create something in the style of Mr Sendak right away.  I suppose there was an overwhelming sense that he did it best.  Guess that's why he won the Caldecott Medal.  

We used assorted tip sharpies, oil pastels, really good paper and it was all up to the kids.  We reviewed some of the character traits and found some silly similarities with No David by David Shannon,  (the book we used the first week).  The Wild Things and David have sharp triangular teeth!  They are all wild.  They jump on things.  We really had to wonder if David had a bit of the Wild Thing in him.  Maybe someday we'll get to ask David Shannon if his mother ever called him "wild thing".

This program ran overtime due to the ongoing narration from everyone on just what their Max or their Wild Thing was "up to"!

Here's an illustration with the best facial expression, check out their eyes:

And here, Max, King of all Wild Things!

A very frightening Wild Thing!

Ready for display

And a totally different approach to Max yet completely recognizable.
Our gallery for the week.  Hope you like it.

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