Friday, November 1, 2013

Flannel Friday in Fall!

Autumn Leaves are falling down...

                                                                                    ...all through the town!
                                                                 (okay those are dinosaurs)

I walked out of the library with Piper in tow this afternoon and autumn leaves were falling down, falling down, falling down.......yellow, green and brown.  It was just like the song!  The same song we've been singing for three weeks in story time.  I actually wanted to walk back in and ask my Halloween-costumed colleagues to come outside and watch all the leaves falling...but I didn't. They haven't been singing the song...over and over and over, they haven't placed all those leaves on and off the flannel board again and again and again - it just wouldn't mean as much to them.  And they'd probably think I'd finally lost it.  Well, that's just silly - they know I've lost it!  Heck, I'm Batman today...and it is seriously exhausting to be a superhero all day!  Fighting crime - in story time!!  Ridiculous, right?!  But there's a part of you that loves it, right?  (Just agree, please!)

Here's Tanika waiting for Prime Time to begin.  We're reading orange books tonight!  We have our ladybug on the flannel board for our welcoming song...Hello Everybody Hello.  

We use scarves and lots of fancy dance moves when we sing hello!!  There are leaves for everyone to place on the flannel board for our Autumn leaves are falling down song and man, oh they ever love placing their leaves on the flannel board.  

Okay, here's Tanika again, she's patiently waiting for our families. It's mouse night at Prime Time with Piper and Mrs Breen!!   Tanika loves the little mouse puppet and we are ready to do our chant "Little mouse, little mouse are you in the gingerbread house?"  Later we'll let the autumn leaves fall all over the houses...or all through the town!!!

We followed Tanika's lead on cute little mice and the kids made an adorable craft with the help of their parents.   (I love having parents at story time)        

with their own little folded houses

and a traveling bag!

And now everyone can play Little Mouse, Little Mouse at their own house!

This past Monday at Prime Time we did one of our most favorites books/flannel board stories - The Little Old Lady Who is Not Afraid of Anything.   We could not place our leaves on the flannel board because we were full to capacity in our room and I did not have enough felt leaves!  Yikes! First time that happened.  So we sang the song a couple times with just the three leaves on the board.  Here's our link to The Little Old Lady Who is Not Afraid of Anything

Happy Halloween from Piper and Jane!

P.S. (Piper Script) We're off to the Bat Cave - even Superheroes need their sleep!

If you would like to see more on the Autumn Leaves song and the flannel board just click  

And if you would like tips on playing Little Mouse, or little Cat - click here!

Almost forgot - the falling Dinosaurs at the top of the page can be found in the Westport Library in CT.

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