Saturday, October 25, 2014

Classroom Crafts for Halloween

Something Crafty
this way comes

Full tutorial from Alisa Burke - click here  Please see red note below.

I once received an email from the Library Director inquiring ...where do you get all your creative ideas?  This was know PP?  This was pre-Flannel Friday...PFF.  This was in the olden days...of covered wagons!  Well, not quite...maybe just 10 years ago!

When my nephew Dan was really little he asked his mom - were you alive when the world was black and white?  The old photos...all black and white - and a child's brain...and??  Who knows?  But I will say that simple and cute things (like Dan's question) inspire me.  Everything inspires me.  My brain is always scanning colors, creativity, shapes, patterns, nature, crafts, architecture, fabrics, everything ... and processing, then tweaking until the wonder of a black and white world from a little boy inspires something like this!  

                 Art Projects for Kids

Color photos - found in magazines or on the internet added to a black sharpie line drawing.  The hairy spider is my favorite...I like the inclusion of the spider's shadow but I would have to draw a screaming person on top of a building.  Or better yet...maybe a superhero coming to rescue the city?    With a little tiny splash of red!  My brain does not stop.
Check out Art Projects for Kids - go there for inspiration grade level even!

Stone Sugar Skulls!

We love these Mexican Sugar Skulls - perfect for Dia de los Muertos, because you know we love diversity.  We found these with an excellent tutorial on our new favorite artist's blog...yes, Alisa Burke   We've used sharpies and painted on rocks many times and always protect them with a few layers of matte finish mod podge on top. You can purchase rocks at Michael's.

 Note: we do not use sharpies on top of paint - it totally stops the sharpie from working.  (Then you have to soak your sharpies in rubbing alcohol over night to restore their powers)

I love learning...Sugar skulls and Mexico add a layer of learning for classroom or library crafts.

Research-a-spider on the internet for your sharpie line drawing adds computer and arachnology skills!  Really, who doesn't want to be an Arachnologist?  

We'll be making spiders in Prime Time with Piper and Mrs. Breen on Monday night.  We found it on Pinterest, it's only an directions.  But I'm pretty sure Piper and I can take it from here:  

P.S. (Piper Script) Now those monsters up can think monsters and zombies.  We have it on good source that Zombies and Disney's Frozen Elsa and Anna are the favorite Halloween costumes this year.  Here's one more image to inspire your crafty creepy..wickedness...

Wouldn't he be "something" on a paper towel roll?

Visit Story Time Fun  and Art Smart to view creative ideas I've collected.  Leave comments, we'd love to hear about your Halloween crafts.  

Almost forgot about this Laurel Birch inspired cat. Not really Halloween for Halloween!  

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