Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flannel Friday! Hola a Todos!

Beautiful Colors Abound!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is absolutely beautiful in our library.  The dual language books and juvenile biographies are colorful and gorgeous.  We came up with a fancy song for our Tunes for Tots program - something to sing for this month of celebration - but really, why should we stop?  Everyone's singing in Spanish.  We are all bilingual for at least 60 seconds!  I vote we stick with it for awhile, a long while!

(to the tune of Are You Sleeping?)

Buenos dias, buenos dias
Como estas?Como estas?
Yo muy bien gracias.  Yo muy bien gracias
Y usted?  Y usted? 

(that Y has to be carried out for two notes: E-E usted)

Translation: Hello
How are you?
I'm very well thank you
And you?

Do you know about our dual language collection? We wrote about it here.  Check it out, it may surprise you.  Two languages in one book for our amazing multi-lingual community.  And we have Dual Language Kits that are fantastica! 

This is the perfect time to introduce Armando, "Mando" - the newest character on Sesame Street - and he speaks Spanish and English. He's from Puerto Rico.  Piper and I would love to have him visit us.  Fan-girls can dream!  Read about him here.   Speaking of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster made an appearance at Prime Time with Piper and Mrs Breen this week. "Me want cookies" always brings the giggles!  We all laugh in the same language!

If you're interested in reading about raising bilingual children please click here.  

And if you'd like some inspiration for making bilingual flannel stories - please visit the Flannel Friday Pinterest Page!    Really good stuff there.  Look!  Miss Mary Liberry's elefantes!

Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the Library.  Please leave a comment in English or Spanish -  Gracias!

P.S (Piper Script): Our story time kids love Dora, Diego and too!  Oh and you may want to check out this book review in SLJ.  Betsy Bird timed it perfectly for our blog!

For more information on National Hispanic Heritage Month, just click.


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