Friday, October 3, 2014

How To "Tunes for Tots" on Flannel Friday

Tunes for Tots Parties in the House of the Fish!

Dance with Me by Charles R Smith

Well, we've hosted some form of Tunes for Tots, Music and Movement, or Dance Party Night for more than 15 years.  Both Piper and I love to dance.  In fact my New Year's Resolution for January 2013 was more dancing in the house, my house...a personal ...sort of like 1972, 1982!  Music and dance programs with preschoolers are So. Much. Fun.   And currently Piper and I have about 50 big and little people who agree with us. 

I think our Tunes for Tots popularity is due to our willingness to change, explore, experiment and well, of course, there's Piper!  This fall we've mixed it up a little.  Not too long ago I realized that we needed a new opening for our program..something to make everyone comfy, silly and happy to play with their kids.  Our very own ice breaker for the wall flower moms/dads/kids.  Let's think of it as a gentle push to get out there and get your dance on!

For the past three weeks we've opened with flannel board songs inviting the kids to the board, encouraging bouncing, clapping, rhyming, counting, color recognition and best of all -they get to know the Piper girl!  Once the caregivers and kids realize that I am willing to be totally ridiculous...we do indeed get our dance on!  This has been an easy change.  And maybe the best part is that I get an up close-to-the-flannel-board-moment with most of the kids, it's that a word?  It's more friendly!

Now this is how I bring the awesome! It's old school.  I am a Sharpie Marker addict for all things creative.  With my clear pallet of folded white paper I write out my weekly hits list in detail and large print!  I am in love with my ipod and easily creating playlists but currently my "boom box" is not working with the ipod.  Budgets being what budgets are - I am back to spinning CD's!   And it's all good!

Here's the recipe for success for Week #1

Flannel Songs/participation:
Bumping Along in my Little Red Wagon(each child had a color square to place on the flannel board)
and then P-I-P-E-R song and meet the dog!  

Johnette Downing's -Shake Your Scarves
                                 and Flitter Flutter  (using scarves)
Laurie Berkner's - We are the Dinosaurs
                            and I Know a Chicken (with our shaker eggs)

Everyone sits down and we sing:
                      Go Fish, Party Like a Preschooler's - ABC's
                       Ralph's World - Driving in My Car

We stand up again and we sing
                        Songs About Me - Piece of Paper  (with a piece of paper)
                        Go Fish's - If You're Happy and You Know It
                         and Fun Music Man's - Wave Goodbye Like a Windmill

...and then there's lots of hugging good-bye!  Did you know we need at least 4 hugs a day?  Thank goodness for Tunes for Tots...I get my "dance on" and my hugs!  

P.S. (Piper Script):  One of our favorite songs is on the Go Fish Party Like a Preschooler CD - If You"re Happy And You Know It.  Go get your kids and click this link.  It's too cool!  You want to party in the House of the Fish...are you with me?  Cole?  Daniel?  Let's do it!

 Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird

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  1. Hey Jane, just realized that I was commenting as Zebulon Staff in a previous comment. Still meant every word, just didn't want to confuse things LOL! Great Post! I've been wanting some new music, thanks for the great ideas for new CD's to add to my collection.


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