Friday, October 24, 2014

Music and More for Preschool Programs

Fall into Flannel!

An abundance of felt, music, dancing and pumpkins!

I am all over the place today.  A snappy chill is in the air and I still want to be at the beach.  Fall is gorgeous yet I am forever dragging my flip-flops - unwilling to accept the season. This morning while waiting for the furnace repair man I was outside cutting late blooming roses for arrangements.  See what I mean? It's possible that Mother Nature and I are both confused!  Just sayin'

The library is not confused at all.  "Fall into a good book" greets you at the door.  Pumpkin Eyes watch over your family in the children's room...

...and we had two flannel board stories kick off Tunes for Tots yesterday.  The first one was an oldie but goody where each child brings a leaf to the flannel board as we sing, (to the tune of London Bridge is falling down)

Autumn leaves are falling down
falling down
falling down
Autumn leaves are falling down
Yellow, Green and Brown.

And you know I have to set that song up with a big ol' Piper goes out for a walk story! Because she does...and she loves to play in the leaves.  She snuffles them, eats them, chases them and runs around in circles until she finds a pumpkin! That's my Piper girl!  

Next I turned the flannel board around to the white board and look what we found! You know this story.  We all know this story.  

 Little Mouse, Little Mouse
Are you in the Pirate House?

(she's supposed to be hiding!)

This little game is so popular and I have way too much fun doing it with the families.  

Piper got us up and dancing next.  Here's our fancy playlist written in magenta sharpie because...well, we can!   Do you see that 2011 CD that says Jane in the photo's a gift from Kari Ann.  I don't know the history of a number of the songs on that CD...but we started with...

1. Put your Finger on Your Nose (located this song, it's by Parachute Express)

2. Shake and Freeze (I'm sorry but I can't find this one anywhere...there are many versions)

3. The Crazy Dance (Go Fish Party Like a Preschooler)

Then we all sat down for a quiet song...  
4. It's Rainy Rainy Day (this one came from Kari Ann's CD and I can't locate it either)

5. Drivin' in my Car (Ralph's World)

Everybody up for:
6. I Know a Chicken (Laurie Berkner)

7. We are the Dinosaurs, (Laurie Berkner)

8. If You're Happy and You Know It (Go Fish Party Like a Preschooler)

9. Wave Goodbye Like a Windmill (The Fun Music Man)

Okay, that was our program.  Piper and I give hugs or we bring the flying monkeys in for monkey kisses.  They are absolutely not flying monkeys, not even at Halloween.  No flying monkeys - ever.  We have really cute monkeys.  We'll get their photo soon!

P.S. (Piper Script): We made pumpkins on Monday night.  Next week we're making spiders!  Be careful "there's a spider on the floor on the floor"...said Raffi!

We did another post about Tunes for Tots here, just click!  We love comments, cookies, smiley faces..but please no flying monkeys!  Thanks.  P&J

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