Friday, July 26, 2013

Flannel Friday Old School - it's a how to!

"back in the day"

I am grateful that the sun no longer shines on the phrase "back in the day"  It has faded from popularity - amen!  Hearing those words from a twenty-something made my brain giggle while desperately trying to maintain a serious listening face.  Honestly...back in the day, when you were what, ten? ...which is about 14 years ago?  Oh..THAT "back in the day"  Right!

Perspective people!  And yes, I am including myself.  When a 7 year old tells me about "a long time ago when I was a little baby...." I think it's just adorable.  But when the twenty-somethings with no kids, no mortgage, no worries, speak about the wonders of "back in the day  ..." well, it's like fingernails on chalk boards.  (our schools don't even have chalk boards anymore!)   I'm guilty here of some age bias.  But "no worries" "keep calm and flannel on"

While putting away The Very Hungry Caterpillar flannel pieces I thought - maybe I should take some photos and chat them up on FF.  Oh, and how about Brown Bear as well.  They were created about the same time (back in the day) and with the same method.  I drew them, outlined them, colored, laminated, cut and added small pieces of flannel to the back.  Wow, they are twenty-something years old - the flannel board pieces!  Ha!  Here's the backsides of the four strawberries.

Old school hits the nail on the head for today's story time.   The best thing  about the experience of this method is how I've adapted it today for a personal touch in some of our story times.  

When we do the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear on the flannel board we can now have our very own piece on the flannel board.  Let's say we have Cole with his mom in our group...they can create a drawing, color it, place book tape over it and cut it out.  Glue some felt on the back and wow!  WOW! ...they are now a part of our Brown Bear flannel board story in just minutes.  And we can use them for the whole 6 week session.   "It's all good"               
UPDATE on this post: the Tacky glue can cause some irregularities in your colors.  Tips: use thick paper or use Elmer's glue.  

P.S. (Piper Script) Brown Bear, we love you.  


  1. Thanks Lisa! We have great fun with this. A teacher recently suggested making the School Principal for the Brown Bear story - love it!! ~ jane


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