Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flannel Friday Shark Week!

Every Child a Reader
      Every child takes home a shark!

Today was our last story time for Every Child a Reader this summer and I sent everyone home with a shark!  (and five fish)  Does this look familiar?  

Piper and I featured the shark rhyme on the blog recently, (click here), but this week is SHARK WEEK!   The shark came to life - big time.  And boy-oh-boy and girl-oh-girl, did they ever love it!  We visited camp and brought Shark with us.  We had Shark in story time earlier in the week and Shark made two appearances in our Every Child a Reader program today.  I have seen so many teeth this week as everyone showed me their "shark face!"  Or should I shout ((((( SHAAARK FACE!))))))  

I used the magical copy machine again and made color copies for the kiddos to take home, cut out, (with some help), and do the rhyme with family.  Again - giant smiles all around and...more teeth!  We both started and ended today's program with the shark rhyme.  (see the above link for the rhyme)  The confidence of doing it again at the end of the program surprised me and has me re-thinking my flannel board rhymes.  The kids were more dramatic and more silly with the rhyme the second time.  We'll have to do this more often.  Although...when we sat back down on the rug to do the rhyme again for closing...the moms didn't sit.  Hmmm, maybe it was kids-only-craziness on the carpet! (yea, say that three times with a book in one hand and a puppet on the other!)

Here's a photo of the take home sharks.  Great, huh?  And not a single child was scared of the shark...just me.  No, they weren't scared of me...I was the only one afraid of the shark!

Piper and I brought two really great books along with Shark when we visited camp.
Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DeCosta

and The Gunnywolf - retold by A.Delaney

Both were big successes.  Today I told The Very Hungry Caterpillar on the flannel board.  
After the story we moved to the tables for the writing part of this program.  We traced around the butterfly with black Crayola markers.  Each child's skill level was different, it was fascinating to watch.  Although we had hundreds of crayons on the table...some kids really only want pink... and purple! (with a touch of yellow, maybe!)

Butterfly on the left has only the body traced with marker 
and the pink one has selective tracing.  

P.S. (Piper Script):  I'm the nighttime ninja at our house.  Late night snacks are the best!  
        Shhh, don't tell!


  1. Sharks are my kids' favorite theme!! I had to come up with a story that Shark can only come in the months of May and June because he lives in the Bahamas (or else I'd have to read the same stories all year!). Did you ever use the Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist?

  2. Oh my, think I will have to find Ken Geist's book. I don't think I've ever read it. Thanks for the tip ~ jane


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