Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creative Kindness

3 Acts of Kindness
Remembering Creative Girls

Yesterday I enlisted the help of my two teenage newphews. I arrived at their home with a stash of supplies I picked up at Target: crayons, glitter, glue sticks, scissors, coloring books, pads of paper, etc.  I also found an assortment of green bags and mini green buckets - they're perfect.  Green is the Sandy Hook School color.

With my nephews' assistance -we put our gifts together with ribbons and cards.

And decided where we would visit in town to give our gifts.

Our plan:  The Library, Starbucks and then McDonalds

We stopped at the East Lyme Library and found no children.  Wow!  We searched out a library staff member and let her know that we were doing 26 Acts of Kindness in memory of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I asked her if she would please pass this particular gift along to a young girl (this one included a Hello Kitty coloring book) sometime soon.  The librarian was so happy to say yes...

We moved on down the road to the East Lyme Starbucks and saw the sweetest young girl in line with her parents.  My nephews were ready...I first checked with the parents to be sure we could give a gift to their daughter as one of our 26 Acts of Kindness...they said yes.  You could read the happiness and sadness in the eyes of the mom and dad.  So I leaned over to the little girl and told her that my nephews and I thought that she looked very creative and artistic (honestly - she is a girl who likes color in her wardrobe!)  and we were doing kind acts today in honor of creative and artistic students.  She beamed and thanked us.  Does it get any better than this?  I loved it all.  I especially loved how the dad made eye contact with each of my nephews to say thanks.   As we walked away - one of my nephews said " that felt good."   He's right.

Our last stop for the day - The Flanders McDonalds.  My nephews saw a dad having lunch with his young boys and by now - we all knew how to do this.  We checked with the Dad, he agreed, and these two young boys and their beautiful smiles said thank you, thank you, as we handed them their coloring crafts.

Act #3 in honor and memory of Olivia Engel
Act #4 in honor and memory of Emilie Parker
Act #5 in honor and memory of Allison Wyatt

Their on-line biographies let me know that they liked being creative and artistic.  Our 3 Acts of Kindness yesterday were intentionally creative gifts to inspire other children.  

If you would like to follow 26 acts if Kindness of facebook please click here

Thank you for visiting Piper Loves the Library.  I am thinking that Piper needs to get involved in these 26 Acts of Kindness.  Maybe we can visit a library!  21 more to go.

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