Thursday, January 3, 2013

Firefighters need milk and cookies

26 Acts of Kindness
Act #2 Thank you Firefighters

Firefighters are amazing.  Firefighters are brave.  Firemen and women are emergency responders every day.  Today I prepare to give my thanks to the firemen and women for their courage, initiative and their ability to stay calm and take charge.  

I decided to make cookies for all the brave men and women who work at my local fire station.  I will pick up a gallon of milk before I stop by the station house tomorrow.  I hope to provide them a Milk and Cookie moment!  Something a mom would do.  

My thanks to firemen and firewomen everywhere for responding to calls for help, entering burning buildings, administering CPR and all the life-saving measures you perform to protect the citizens of your community.  You make the world a safer place.  

This Act of Kindness #2 is done in honor of an  adventurous and courageous Jesse Lewis, a student, from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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