Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kind and Brave

Animal Lovers = Kind 
Teachers = Brave
26 Acts of Kindness

Today I prepared two acts of kindness and they both make my heart smile.  I love animals, especially dogs.  Piper feels the same, I assure you.  We are also very partial to a black & white kitty named Speedo as well.

We are honoring six-year old Catherine Hubbard, animal lover, today.   I placed some beginner reader books featuring dog characters inside the bag.  I am looking forward to meeting a child to take this bag away and enjoy the stories.
 Act # 8  animal lovers 
In honor and memory of Catherine Hubbard, Student 
Sandy Hook Elementary School

And then... there is this: A Magical Moment!

Just last evening one of my colleagues asked me if I had my Acts of Kindness all mapped out or do I wait for inspiration?  In my "A" game days I would have these mapped out because my creativity would be inspiring me.  But currently, with this post concussive syndrome, my "super-power", LIST MAKING, has disappeared along with the daily dusting of  magical fairy inspiration!  So, my colleague called it - I wait or I look for inspiration.  As stated in an earlier post, I find info in the on-line bios of the students and that guides me in a way to make the Act somewhat related to the person.  I also adore my Barnes & Noble book store where ideas jump off the shelf.

This next act of kindness includes the last of my purchased books.  I did not have a person in mind to honor but I knew where NEW BOOKS were needed.  I had just said to my co-worker that I find it harder to do Acts in memory of the adults.  I set out the books in front of me and pulled up the camera...snapped a few shots and checked the digital screen.  WOW...Sheila Rae...a book I love, an author I adore, (Kevin Henkes), spoke to me loud and clear...Sheila Rae The Brave.  And it is even in the center of the photo!  Thank you magic fairy dust!

So I filled out a card and tied the books with a ribbon, took their photo again...and here we have:
Act of Kindness # 9
In honor of Lauren Rousseau, Teacher
Sandy Hook Elementary School

This little stack of books is headed to the East Lyme Starbucks - they have a basket of books for children to read while visiting...and it is in dire need of replenishing.  
Thanks to Sheila Rae for inspiration to honor the beautiful Lauren Rousseau.  My heart holds dear all 26 brave souls from Sandy Hook Elementary School

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