Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten Timid Turtles

Turtle Splash!
Some people just love turtles - my daughter is one of them.  Maybe because an ancient turtle once crossed into our yard to get to the brook out back.  Oh, and Piper loves turtles too!  Of course she can't figure out where they go when they tuck into their shell.  And then...why do they move so slowly...Piper would like to know!

Perhaps I should read Fun Facts About Turtles to Piper.  
Fun Facts About Turtles! (I Like Reptiles and Amphibians!)
But first we'll take a look at Cathryn Falwell"s Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond with a few of my flannel friends.  Look!

Oh but there's more!

Yes!  Ten timid turtles bask in the sun and one by one they splash into the pond .  This gentle book, written in verse has clear numerals followed by the written word and the matching number of turtles on the page.  I love this for teaching counting and numbers.  

idle turtles
lolling by
the shore.
swirl by
their log...
Now there are four

I haven't had a chance to read this book in story time yet, but I am looking forward to doing the countdown to one last splash and then where do we find the turtles?  Under the water, all 10

 tired turtles
  settle for
the night.

Sleep tight.  

The final pages are filled with facts on the animals we encounter around the pond throughout the book - butterflies, chickadees, rabbits, deer and more.  This is an excellent bedtime story and no doubt it compliments the Common Core teaching method.  

It will be fun to see the turtles up on the flannel board when I return to regular hours in the library.  But for now, they are quite comfy at my house where Piper and I can keep a close eye on them!  

Oh, one more book!

p.s. good night turtles, good night moon!


  1. I'm thrilled to see "Turtle Splash!" here! Your flannel turtles are just adorable!

    Happy Reading,
    Cathryn Falwell

    1. Many thanks to you for visiting the blog and for writing the book. I'm so excited!

  2. SUPER cute turtles! Beautiful work. :)

  3. I love your turtles and I love "Turtle Splash". I think I am going to copy your work. Beautiful!

    1. thank you Sarah,
      Creating the turtles was totally fun. I have been home from work for awhile due to an injury so the flannel pieces are more elaborate! ~ jane

  4. I can't wait to read this book, and I love your turtles!

  5. I love your turtles! Because of the layers, they look 3D!

    1. Thanks Lisa, the textured felt for the shell really helps with the depth. Layering the colors was just fun!! ~ jane

  6. Aaaaaw! Your turtles are so adorable! I need my own, for sure!

    You actually picked my favorite turtle book. It is also my Storytime friends' favorite, too. I have had it on my TBM (to-be-made) pile since last Spring. Now, I have an example to follow. Yay! ;o)
    I don't think my own version of turtles would have been near as cute as yours. I will have to copy yours now. Thanks!

    Hope you are feeling better! We have missed on Flannel Friday. It is really nice to have you back!

    Take care!
    ~ K ~

    1. Kay,
      Thank you for all the wonderful things you write. I loved making the turtles, but I had a lot of time on my hands. Still do, not back to work yet. (Brain injuries can be very tricky)

      I need to get better at actually making patterns and posting them. That's on my to do list!

      Thank goodness for felt and story books - I can actually feel productive. Great job with the round-up.

      ~ jane

  7. These are so beautiful! Especially the stitching (is that stitching?) work.

    I love counting rhymes that have a nice satisfying ending like this where you can go back and find everything you counted.

  8. Thank you - it is stitching! I had some time on my hands, so I kept them busy! It's a beautiful book. The illustrations inspire COLOR. ~ jane

  9. These turtles are way more elaborate and dimentional than the ones I made for this book. Beautiful!

  10. I love turtles. Awkward turtles being my favourite.


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