Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ladybug Ladybug!

Ladybug Hello
     Ladybug Goodbye!

Recently Piper and I had time to listen to lots of music - in search of something new for story time.  And we found cute songs with ladybug music

The ladybug hello track and the ladybug goodbye are great new songs for a few of our story time groups.  I decided to make the felt ladybug to announce the new songs. (plus she's just so darn cute)  I'll let Piper put her up on the flannel!  Piper loves ladybugs...there will be barking!!!   I have some little plastic ones...I am thinking a ladybug invasion in the story time room.  Most of you know I will be doing a ladybug craft...a ladybug on a paint-stirrer-stick-puppet,(one of our favs!), for the little ones to take home.  

Fortunately for parents and librarians ladybug music has a website providing song lists, lyrics, and even video tips on how to present many of the songs.  Please click here to join the silliness!  If you are lucky enough to live in CA, you can  attended ladybug music classes with your kids.  Check out the photos on the website. 

Another song I discovered on the CD, an easy one to use for story time...Little Red Wagon.  I instantly  knew I needed to make wagons in different colors. 

The song is great but a bit crazier than I plan is to use only the" bumpin' around in my little red wagon" verse.  Each child will have one rectangle of felt in either red, blue, green or purple...and when I ask "won't you be my baby" those with the red rectangles will bring them up to place on the flannel board.  Then we'll sing " bumpin' around in my little blue wagon..." -  we'll do color matching ! I don't plan on using the CD.  We'll just sing and, of course, we'll have to bump around on our bottoms!! 

You may purchase the CD's through the website I linked above or check out itunes.  The music makes you want to move and laugh.  Totally fun!  

Do you have a favorite ladybug music song?  Piper and Jane would love to know!!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love the little red wagon song, but folks here in the UK just don't have those wagons, so I'm thinking I could substitute pushchair (stroller, I believe in the US)

  2. Love the ladybug and the different colored wagons.

  3. I love your wagons and ladybugs. I put the CD on hold. I am always looking for new, fun music for my storytimes. Thanks!

  4. Love your felt work for these! I like the idea of having a flannel piece announce the song.

  5. These are so cute! I just purchased some of the ladybug music cds for my library -- now I'll be eagerly anticipating their arrival!


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