Friday, February 22, 2013

Flannel Friday and Chicken Little

Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberely

Spoiler: Feathers make Fox sneeze!
(thank goodness)

Here's how my life the story goes!

(borrowing from Rebecca Emberley)

Once upon a time a lovely lady discovered books, children and a little silvery black dog. She was very happy. On Wednesday when she was doing nothing, her "usual pastime,"something "hit her on the head"  And being the very "excitable" and "prone to foolishness" person that she was - off she ran with a "very scrambbled noggin' " and absolutely no plan!

Hmmm, maybe I have my stories confused.  Not surprising!

Let's start all over again.
There's a really great story about Chicken Little and the anxious little flock that follows him:
Henny Penny
Ducky Lucky
Goosey Loosey
Turkey Lurkey.
There is an acorn and a very crafty FOX cave
Oh, and a cute cloud umbrella
"OMGoodness, OMGracious" are generally part of the story along with "the sky is falling"

Maybe you would like to tell the story? Oh, go on, give it a try!  I'll  help a little.

One day....
(not the brightest chicken in the coop)

(and was knocked senseless)

(...awk, bonk, into Henny Penny)

(awk, bonk, into Lucky Ducky)

(awk, bonk into Goosey Loosey)

(awk, bonk, into Turkey Lurkey)

( omg, omg, the sky is falling. run for your lives!)



WAIT!  STOP!  Piper says we need to go to the book - hold on

(Maybe you should close your eyes!)

(Oh no, quick! Open your eyes!  Quicker!)
Totally yucky cave.  Is it a cave?

(Watch out, here it comes!!
Here come the feathers)

(Whew - we made it)  God Bless that sneeze!

(happily ever after.  THE END!)

 I think I took over your story.  Sorry :(
(Like Chicken Little, I am very excitable!)

P.S. (Piper Script)  Look at my idea:
 Chicken Little: the Sequel
A.K.A. Don't Let the Chicken Have an Acorn!

Oh, the actors guild mandated that I let you know  
the part of the acorn was played by:

Everyone else" played" themselves

Okay, go read the book with your little one and come back and tell the story again.  

OMGoodness, OMGracious...where have I been?  My niece informed me about Ed Emberley fabrics!  So very cool for a librarian who likes to wear aprons.  Oh yeah.  Click this link

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