Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's on the L?

Selections from the Edge?

Let me begin by saying this is a post w/o Piper!

Yesterday I realized that many of my fellow bloggers include a "what's on the nightstand" or  "I am currently listening to_____ and I'm reading ____ feature" on their blogs. I like seeing what everyone is reading.  Be it juvenile or teen or even the grown-up adult world of novels, it always interests me.

Each time I read "on the nightstand" on anyone's blog I automatically picture my nightstand.  I do not even attempt to consider what anyone else's night stand looks like.  Wood, metal, rattan, glass, drawers, no drawers...nope, I just see mine.  I do understand "the nightstand" as a figurative usage but still...I make the mental image, and it is always mine.  But the funny thing is - you can not fit any books on my nightstand!  I think I intentionally have small nightstands with big lamps so I don't mess them up.  Add a clock and a box of tissues and that takes care of it! (I am grateful to Kleenex for decorative square boxes)

Maybe I could start a feature called The Piles at the Edge (of my bed).  I am famous for them.  The piles of books start next to my nightstand - oh, but that is only the beginning, fiction, non-fiction, periodicals, etc.   And if truth be known, I have book piles in each room.  Oh, maybe not the guest room.  My guests are welcome to make their own piles!!

My latest nightstand/edge/ reading/pile is now on the L.  As in my L-shaped sofa.  That far away other end  with the soft white blanket and the brown velvet pillows will, from here on in, be referred to as the L.  I will only clear off the L when company comes.  And then it will be a pile on the floor!

So, what's on the L?  Audio books! (mostly audio books) Why oh why do I generally save them  for car and plane rides? There are many library patrons who reserve audio books for long trips.  But honestly people, shouldn't I be the one thinking outside the box? It is delightful to have someone read to me while I knit, cook or craft.  I believe I give the book it's proper due while listening in the house.  Less distractions.  (knit 1, purl 2, knit 1, purl 2).

Listening to a book is relaxing, try it.  Oh and please know it counts as reading!  There is no need for you to confess to your friendly librarian that ..."well, I didn't really read it, I listened to it".  But on the other hand if you listened to a book that was know how sometimes the audio copy is an AMAZING gem...please tell us. We want to listen too.

Now this link, Your Brain on Books, is worth a read today, my thanks to the lovely librarian, Linda Williams for highlighting it.  Just what I needed to confirm mental images and listening to books.  If your child's reading skills, language skills and/or attention span need improvement, please read aloud or listen together. Listen to a book together.  Slow down and do it together. (did I say that enough?) Set your e-reader to read aloud or borrow books on CD from the library and listen from the computer or any sound system.  Start small, one chapter.  Dads, (not picking on you, just making a suggestion) - borrow a Mike Lupica, (yes the ESPN Mike Lupica), audio book and listen to a sports story with your son or daughter.  And if hands are fidgety, listen at the coffee table with paper and crayons or better yet, a bowl of ice cream!

Okay, one more thing:  On the L : just completed adult fiction Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and teen fiction Karma by Cathy Ostlere.

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