Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi-Ho Flannel Friday!

  Written and illustrated by Nicola Smee

Now this is a perfect book!  As tempted as I was to create my own twist on this - I couldn't. After many many readings of Clip-Clop, Jingle-Jingle and Splish-Splosh, (all by Nicola Smee) each character, polite and willing, is so simply, wonderfully defined.  No-sir-ree,  no changing "these guys"up!
Just look at them:
They look like they'll jump off the cover!  Yes?

While the characters remain the same, I did change up how I manage the story.  I want "my" Mr. Horse to move... up and down and slow and fast!  And faster! 

(you know I love those paint-stirrer-sticks)

I want Mr Horse to say "Up you get" to Cat and Dog and Pig.  And have them get on up!

I want Duck to call out "Don't leave me behind"

And with everyone on... Mr. Horse will clip-clop
(while the children clap-clap)

"Faster, faster"  Hold on tight!  Clippity-cloppity!
(while the children clappity-clappity faster and faster)

Whoa!  Oh no, we're falling off!

(Fancy mini-clothespins!)

(and my mind hears, mommy? daddy? again?!)

Hi-Ho Flannel Friday!!!

P.S. (Piper Script) If you liked this book you should check this link, click here .  I love Mrs. Smee and Mr. Horse with the farmyard animals.  Let's all go to England to visit her!

Construction info and tips:  I generally use black felt to back all the pieces. For pieces like these, that will travel at high speeds, I suggest using the stiff felt for backing.  I then added a layer of cardboard to Mr Horse and with book tape added the paint-stirrer-stick so he could fly like the wind!   
Sometimes you have to work with what you have...and I had glittery mini-clothes-pins, (would have used plain ones) I Tacky-glued each rider to a clothespin for easy on and off.  

Many thanks to Kari Ann, who used to blog on mystorytimelife, for the idea to flannelize this book..  It only took me 10 months to get it done! Now I can barely wait to put the paint-stirrer-stick in a child's hand and let him make Mr Horse go up and down and all around.  Yee-ha!!!


  1. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Kathryn, I adore this book and after about 5 years of reading it...this will be a blast to do. And because I have hundreds of paint stirrer sticks - all of the kids will go home with their own Mr Horse!! (paper, not felt...craft project with their parent) FYI: my library is next door to a Sherwin Williams paint store!

  3. Thanks Jane - this is one of my favourite books for storytime (in fact it was the first book I ever read in my first solo storytime, so it has a special place in my heart).

  4. Love the paint stirrer felt puppet for the riding action!

  5. I love how you assembled them!

  6. This is positively enchanting! Nice work! I feel so inspired.


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