Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Girl Can Dream

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When my daughter was young she had a number of different journals, spiral bound notebooks and pads of drawing paper.  She wrote stories about horses, she created endless lists of horse facts and she drew pictures of horses, again and again and again. She dreamed of wild horses and a someday trip to Chincoteague. She knew horses, she adored them and filled pages with all her high hopes.

Today I am thinking of two little girls at Sandy Hook who were in love with horses, Avielle Richman and Jessica Rekos.  I have such a sense of "them" having raised my own pony-tail -wearin' horseback riding girl.  .

I placed a Legendary Moleskine Journal engraved with the image of Leonard Cohen into a blue gift bag for a niece today.  I know she writes everyday.  The funny thing is - I don't know if she actually puts pen to paper daily or if she is using a keyboard sometimes.  She writes and she's a fan of Leonard Cohen and this is for her.  I hope this gift will bring a smile and provide a new place for words and maybe wishes.

Act # 22
In honor of Avielle Richman, student
Sandy Hook Elementary School

And for another writer, dreamer, drawer...I tied a bow on this journal.  I think it will inspire someone to do something!  I don't know who is getting this one.  I may just leave it somewhere to be found by the perfect person. 
Act # 23 
In honor of Jessica Rekos, student
Sandy Hook Elementary School

I will write out the notes now and tuck them into their ribbons.  I can only imagine that Avielle and Jessica are forever running with wild horses.  Amen.

Chincoteague Island ponies - Google image

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