Monday, March 18, 2013

Get your Party Hat!

is for PARTY!

A week of celebration kicked-off last Friday with the 2-year birthday of Flannel Friday!  Yay "par-tay"!

This was quickly followed by Tanika's birthday party.  Tanika turned three with magical fun!  We had books, birthday hats, singing and then ...cupcakes on the flannel board!  We tweaked Library Quine's rhyme a tad, for birthday baked goods.  Many Thanks LQ!

A favorite library book.  Check it out!!

This is Tanika!
Purple-lovin'-party girl!

Here's the flannel board rhyme:

Three pretty cupcakes in a bakery shop
Round and fat with frosting on top
Along came a girl with a nickel one day
Bought a pretty cupcake and took it away!

Two pretty cupcakes in the bakery shop...

One pretty cupcake in the bakery shop...


A surprise for Tanika!  A Magic Hat with a ...  
a bunny?!  yes!!

And then, a dash to party #3.  The little man, (aka grandson), in my life is ONE!  Ready to celebrate with his own special hat, made from felt, (hey! That zebra felt is too tempting! I had to go for the original one-of-a-kind-hat for that incredible one-of-a-kind-kid!)  I call it the "Go-Wild-on-your-birthday-Hat!"

Laurie Berkner and her band sing This Hat, a song for every birthday party you attend.  Works for Flannel Friday, Tanika and my Cole!   We will use it in the library ForEVER!  (with the video).  We watched it over and over,...but truth be told the birthday boy's favorite song is Laurie's We Are The Dinosaurs

Now, please get your hat, your party hat...your magic hat...your birthday hat...and let's get Megan's party going!!  Party #4  makes me feel like this .  You have to click it.  You will love it!  Sugar overload!

Do you know this book?  Written by Eileen Spinelli - borrow it from your library!

or any of these....

P.S.  (Piper Script) Jane saved me a cupcake.  Positively smashing!


  1. I love the felt birthday crown. I see see these being made in my near future!

  2. Thanks was totally fun to make.


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