Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cookie Kindness!

26 Acts of Kindness 
Cookies again!

Truth be known, making these cookies is making me happy.  I am not sure when, if ever before, I have eaten so many chocolate chip cookies.  (I'm really an oatmeal-raisin cookie gal)  This winter has proved something different - I am looking for the chocolate.  And they have to be homemade and yes, I use butter. 

I decided to make cookies for a friend (and one time college football player) who was feeling under the weather.  18 Cookies all dressed up in a bucket and bow...leaving about 20 cookies for me. Ut-oh.  I ate 6 for breakfast, I gave 8 to my niece - who knows what happened to the rest.

26 Acts of Kindness
Act # 20 Cookie Kindness
In honor of New York Giants fan Jack Pinto, age 6
Student, Sandy Hook Elementary School

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