Friday, March 22, 2013

New Books at the Branch!

And the green grass grows all around and around...

                                                                                   ... just not in Connecticut.  So, we are getting our green today from books.  Feeling the spring in the color green while snow covers the yard!  Look at Scout.  Great name for a dog, btw! Edgy graphics in gorgeous colors help tell the story of this adorable Scottish Terrier who has lost his shiny red ball. Scout  lives on the top floor of an apartment building and elicits the help of a handful of overly confident neighbors in search of the ball.  Author and illustrator Gordon McMillan brings friendship and play to all within the pages of soft green.  Ahhhh.

Green peas! 1-2-3 peas Oh!  I can not say it better than the blurb inside the cover "Count from one to one hundred with a pack of peppy pea pals"   Do you remember LMNO Peas?  Same author-illustrator, Keith Baker.  The counting is very busy because there's so much activity.  Yet the clean white background keeps it manageable.  Each page is frame worthy - beautiful happy art.  Your child will return to this book again and again to discover all the counting adventures.

And now, Denise Fleming, another amazingly talented author-illustrator.  She consistently presents beautiful books that librarians everywhere use in story times.  I am a giant fan.  A colossal fan!  under Ground will fascinate our readers and listeners this summer.  I need to order additional copies.  Her easily recognizable artistic style satisfies my need for color and richness.  Curiosity grows as you turn the pages...this is the book for 2013 Summer Reading!  Dig into Reading is our national theme and this works.  It's also aligns with the Common Core State Standards.  This book has it all.  And you heard it here - this is not surprising from Denise Fleming!

Alrighty now, we are moving to the darker side!  Oh, No! Written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Caldecott Medal Winner Eric Rohmann.  I really don't even want to tell you about this book for fear of giving too much away.  Let's just say...there is a beautiful green jungle with a deep deep hole.  Check it out to see what happens.  

Nighttime ninja  written by Barbara DaCosta and art by Ed Young is so very clever and so gorgeous.  The collage art is a must see and the story will resonate with all who need to sneak a nighttime snack.  Yes, I'm talkin' to you!!  This book has already inspired art projects in schools and libraries.  My mind is moving into Libraries as Incubators.  Oh yes!!  Summer Display in my little branch.

And last, but by no means least...the green grass grows all around in ONE TWO That's My Shoe!  Allison Murphy, both author and illustrator, has placed a new twist on a classic old rhyme and it's fantastic! We *heart* this book. We'll read this in story time just as soon as Piper lets me return it to the library!!  Like I said...we love this book!  

Feeling better already.  Hopeful even.  Maybe Spring will come to Connecticut before April! Check out the new books at the library.  Read with your kids today. 
Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the green grass Library!

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