Friday, March 29, 2013

Flannel Friday, Color Colores

The yellow bee gathers honey

La abeja amarilla acumula miel. 

Here at Piper loves the library we adore dual language books.  
We've talked about them before, (click here).  Our library community speaks 64 languages.  ( my younger sister says when something astounds her "Get Out"!)  It is astounding, fascinating and amazing on a busy library day to hear the buzz of patrons communicating in many languages.  Our summer afternoon craft programs are mini United Nations' session!  Always the perfect opportunity for Practice English for the parents while we craft and play and do our reading. 

Presenting a story time with Color as the theme, is guaranteed to promote languages even if it is not the intention.  You know how it goes...You look out to the beautiful faces of children and happy mamas and you ask, what color is the bee?  An eager hand raises and the child proudly answers amarilla!  Si! Yes!   

Today I have Eric Carle's gorgeous dual language Color Colores book to reassure myself and the community that Spring is coming to our town!  I am reading  Bob and Otto by Robert O. Bruel as well because caterpillars and butterflies are a fun way to show-off colors.  And just in case you are thinking about "Dig Into Reading" - Bob and Otto will take you there this summer.

 Green  Verde

Purple  Purpura

Orange  Anaranjado

Colors Colores

Johnette Downing has a beautiful dual language song -Mariposa - on her Boogie Woogie Bugs CD

Piper is very excited about her new, colorful, sunglasses!

P.S. (Piper Scripts)  Have you seen us on the big screen?  We're stars!!  Click, really, just click!
We need to make a blue butterfly and a yellow butterfly and ...what's your favorite color?  

A great place to visit if you like to create art with your kids

Bons dias Brazil!  Muito obrigado for finding Piper Loves the Library.                  


  1. Wow! Wonderful post and great project with the dual language kits! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What striking butterflies, Jane! I love the bold colours against the black.
    Do you play a colour matching game with this set, or is there a rhyme that goes with it? I'm asking because I definitely want to make a set :-)

    1. Amanda,
      Thank you! Starting with all the butterflies on the flannel board - we do a chant. Very very simple chant. While raising our shoulders and placing our hands out in the exaggerated question pose we ask:
      Butterfly, Butterfly, why do you stay?
      (then turn our arms into flying wings)
      Butterfly, Butterfly, please fly away

      Sometimes we do it with the color..Pink Butterfly, Pink Butterfly why do you stay? Simply simple fun!

  3. I loved the video too! What a wonderful program your library has started to make early literacy accessible for everyone in your community. Bravo!
    It was neat to really see & hear you too. I had imagined you with a British accent, though :-)

    1. Oh my gosh! You are sweet. It is funny how we imagine our FF friends. :) A British accent would be quite fine - but I can't even pretend a British accent beyond 30 seconds! I start giggling!
      The dual language kits are a "spot on" in my town.


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