Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Remembering September 11th

All we are saying, is give peace a chance

Over the summer I found a beautiful butterfly craft on Pinterest.  I pinned it, thinking we would make butterflies with the tweens and teens in the library.  But as August raced to an end, and students returned to school, I realized the butterflies had, shall I say...a higher purpose.   They were waiting to take flight on September 11th.  

To prepare this for our patrons, we painted medium stock paper with watercolors on both sides, allowing time to dry in between.  I found a butterfly template on-line and traced butterfly after butterfly on the many-colored painted paper.  We left scissors and glue sticks in a tub with the butterfly tracings and a note for patrons - inviting them to make a butterfly and glue it to a recycled piece of blue foam board.  And they did!  This became a multi-generational project, enjoyed by so many.  Some people asked to take their butterflies home, I loved that.  Some patrons took pictures.  

My colleague found this sentiment and typed it up.

Within minutes of closing time on September 11th a very familiar, loving, library family 
was still in the building.  The mom came to the desk and asked if there was
 enough time for her to make a butterfly for the display.  Absolutely.
 I must say - our patrons are great and I love a project with a sense of community.  
We all belong.  

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