Friday, September 27, 2013

We are FAMILY!

We're talking FF, CLA, and sheep, baby!

Welcome to Flannel Friday!  My flannel family! They keep me creative and on task, (at least on Fridays!)   Last week we did a tutorial blog post on cheeky sheep and I promised to post the family photo once I completed making the three.  I added it to the tutorial and I just had to start with it here today.  Cuz they're so cute, my little sheep family!  The mom is my favorite.  Did I write that?  We don't have favorites in the family.  

We have so many things to do with them!  Do you know that song...Baby Shark?  Well, we have our own version. We'll start big and go very little and quiet.  Daddy Sheep and Family!

 Daddy Sheep...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa
 Daddy Sheep...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa, Daddy sheep!

Likes to eat...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa
Likes to eat..baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa likes to eat!

Mommy sheep...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa
Mommy sheep..baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa Mommy sheep!

Dancing feet...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa
Dancing feet...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa Dancing feet!

Baby sheep...baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa
Baby sheep..baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa BabySheep!

Time to sleep...shhh shhh, shhh, shhhh, sh-shhh
Time to sleep..baa baa, baa, baa, ba-baa Time to sleep!!!!

Another song is the traditional Baa Baa Green Sheep, Pink Sheep and Blue Sheep, (What?  You don't sing those colors?) and tap it out with the tapping sticks, take a look -  here.  Oh and all of our kids will have a flannel rectangle to match one of the sheep.  Sheep graph on the flannel board!  Oh yeah - meet the sheep at Prime Time, Monday night 6:30 pm!  You know you want to be there!

Today the family of librarians across the state gathered for the Connecticut Library Association annual meeting.  It was grand.  Favorite parts of the day: the presentation by Mary and Erin from the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.  I am talking NASA, friends and it's free.  Free software, tutorials, connect to telescopes on the internet, make incredible prints! Take a look at ALA's Astro 4 Girls.  Fabulous!  

They let us get on laptops and set the telescope to take a snap of whatever...
we get the photos tomorrow at 1pm.  (emailed, I know!))

And the other hi-light for me: Heather and Caitlin presenting "Excellent Nonfiction for Children".  Holy macaroni!  They did their research, they shared it with all of us and they entertained the entire room.  They provided the exact connections to CCSS.   This is collaboration at it's best.  Heather Baker, (Canton Public Library), and Caitlin August, (Stratford Library), two top-notch, (dare I say genius?), librarians doing what they love and loving what they do!   They develop and demonstrate "Best Practices" in many areas of librarianship.  And truly, they do it with charm, humor and so much smarts. (yes, librarians of genius!)  They are so generous with their time and talents.  If you are attending the AASL National Conference in November - you'll see them present.  

I know Caitlin was speaking directly to me when she introduced this book.
I want it now!  Like, right now!!  And I want to be part of her Mock Caldecott!

Caitlin had us all in touch with our inner-nurturer with this book!
My advice: get an extra copy because you will want one in your cuddle.  Really!

Heather intro'd this beautiful book while wearing stripes!  Intentional?  hmmm

And I was so happy to see this book - because I just ordered it. Gorgeous! 
And for the musically gifted, Heather and her new colleague, 
(two in the same building...sooo not fair), this book provides
  biography, creativity, multi-cultural experience and NOISE!

Piper loves her library family.  She gets that from me!  Wait, she's a dog, uh, umm.  
Oh well, whatever!  Many thanks to to CLA and our state librarians - you make us shine!!  

P.S. (Piper Script): as always, we love comments


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